The Indiana Hunter Education Association (IHEA) was established in 1992 as a non-for-profit organization designed to promote and support the Indiana Hunter Education Program of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division. To date, IHEA is very active in assisting the Division with many trainings, expositions, equipment purchases, programs, and more. Some of these include Indiana Becoming an Outdoor Woman, Indiana NASP, Indiana State Fair Education Booth, Treestand Safety Programs, Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Workshops, and more. IHEA’s motto for our belief that the tradition, history, and heritage of hunting is “An Indiana Tradition…Pass it on!”

Mission Statement

…to promote hunter education by providing a medium for the exchange of views and experience; by fostering individual, federal-state, and state cooperation and coordination in mutual problems; by promoting the reciprocal recognition of properly educated hunters between districts of the state of Indiana; by cultivating characteristics of honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, mutual consideration, essentials of good sportsmanship and good citizenship; by promoting programs to prevent hunter accidents; by upholding the image of hunting both as a legitimate tool of wildlife management and as a recreational sport throughout the state of Indiana and to carry out the effective presentation and dissemination of these purposes.


The Indiana Hunter Education Association is governed by a Board of Directors representing the ten operating districts throughout the state of Indiana. Listed below are the current Board of Directors:

District Directors

District 1
Mark Demske & Kevin Lockwood

District 2
Doug Chapman

District 3
Keith Steward & Barb Trenary

District 4
Robyn Woodruff & Roger Hosbrook

District 5
Danny Burdine

District 6
Kevin Fowler & Stephen Spencer

District 7
Jared L Beck & Perry Frey

District 8
Drewey Phelps

District 9
Curt Barringer & Craig Roberts

District 10
Ray Rausch & Lynn Smith

Executive Board

    • President Roger Hosbrook
    • Vice President Mark Demske
    • Recording Secretary Jared Beck
    • Treasurer/Membership Secretary Robyn Woodruff

Ex-Officio Directors

    • Steve Dickover
    • Jim Mahoney
    • Brent Headland
    • Robby Woodruff

Indiana Conservation Officer Directors

  • North
    • ICO Jon Cook
    • ICO Ryan McCauly
  • South
    • ICO Travis Stewart
    • ICO Jim Hash
  • At Large
    • ICO Tony Mann