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2023 Volunteer Registrations Are Now Open

Ross Camp, West Lafayette, IN – June 18th – June 24th, 2023

Registrations are now OPEN for the upcoming 2023 ICOO Karl E Kelley Memorial Youth Camp!  Help over 100 5th & 6th graders experience one of the best Indiana Hunter Education Classes in the state.  Your help is needed on Tuesday, June 20th…Range Day!  All participants receive an all-day range experience where they will collectively shoot thousands of rounds of firearms and archery equipment.  It is a massive undertaking and your help is needed!  Please consider volunteering by using the link below!

Click Here To Volunteer

Mission Statement

…to promote hunter education by providing a medium for the exchange of views and experience; by fostering individual, federal-state, and state cooperation and coordination in mutual problems; by promoting the reciprocal recognition of properly educated hunters between districts of the state of Indiana; by cultivating characteristics of honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, mutual consideration, essentials of good sportsmanship and good citizenship; by promoting programs to prevent hunter accidents; by upholding the image of hunting both as a legitimate tool of wildlife management and as a recreational sport throughout the state of Indiana and to carry out the effective presentation and dissemination of these purposes.

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Executive Committee

Roger Hosbrook


Mark Demske


Robyn Woodruff

Treasurer / Membership Secretar

Jared Beck

Recording Secretary

ICO Lt. Andy Hagerty

IDNR Law Enforcement Outdoor Education Officer

Chris Clark

IDNR Law Enforcement Hunter Education Coordinator

Tim Beck

IDNR Law Enforcement Hunter Education Coordinator